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Professional Organizer


Gone are the days of navigating the tough terrain of backpacks and left out shoes and no more swimming in the seas of old newspapers and unorganized bills. Our organization experts will work with you to identify your needs and how you envision your rooms to function and devise a strategy of creating the tranquil backdrop to your everyday life.

Concierge Services


SO MANY things to do and not enough time to do them! With getting the kids off to school, long commutes to and from work, after-school activities, homework, dinner, etc… Who has time to drop off dry cleaning, pick up prescriptions, or shop for groceries? Our team can swoop in, take care of the miscellaneous tasks of your day so that you can do what you are meant to do, spend time with your family.

This is just a place holder.

Quality Time You Deserve


Midst of the Storm was created with YOU in mind. We know the life of the busy family and trying to squeeze 26 hours into a 24 hour day! It is our goal to alleviate the chaos from your day so that you can enjoy your family – stress and regret free! You can trust that our staff will accomplish all of your tasks, remove all of your burdens, and provide you Peace in the Midst of the Storm!

Quality Time
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