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Giving You Peace Of Mind During Your Stormy Days

I am a wife and a working mother of four wonderful little people. I have spent hours commuting back and forth to work only to get home and have to go over and help with homework, rush the family out for after-school practices and activities, drop off/pick up dry cleaning, shop for groceries, cook, clean, organize bath times, schedule doctor appointments, etc, etc, etc…

WHEW! I lost my breath just writing all of that, imagine LIVING IT!

With all that I HAD TO DO, where would I actually find the time to spend “enjoying” my family. I was caught in a whirlwind! Everything was forming together in a chaotic perfect storm. My recurring everyday thought was, “if only I could clone myself then I could get everything I need done.”

That’s where Midst of the Storm was born!

It is our mission to take away the stress of your everyday tedious tasks so that you can get back to spending the quality time with your family that you AND your family deserve. If you have a room or rooms that have lost their way, call Midst of the Storm to come through and work with you to de-clutter and organize your room(s). Too many things on your plate, Midst of the Storm can relieve you of the burden of many of your miscellaneous “Things To Do!”

We strive to ensure that our clients are living not only their best life, but the best life for their families as well.

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