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Work Space Clarity - Part I

THE HOUSEHOLD COMMAND CENTER! Whether it’s a small desk in the corner or a full blown home office, this is the space that keeps your life organized, on track and inspired. But this area doesn’t have to be business-only. A cozy work space is more calming and peaceful and provides clarity and higher productivity. Here are some helpful tips to creating a comfortable and efficient work area in your home.

The Set Up

Location, Location, Location: The first rule in business, have a great location. This is just as true when setting up your home work area. Identify to best location for your home work space. Try to use a location near a window so that your work space won’t feel too confined. More natural sunlight can provide a boost of energy when tackling the tedious tasks of balancing checkbooks or scheduling events for the upcoming week. Use desk and wall organization systems to strategically place items for easy access when needed.

Grab A Seat: Choosing the right chair for your home office is definitely not something you want to consider lightly. Without proper support or a full range of motion, you will not be able to work as proficiently or sit for long periods of time if needed. When considering your chair, go with functional over stylish!

Let There Be Light: Relying on overhead lights can create a glare or cause eyestrain making you feel tired quickly. However, placing a small lamp on your desk to add warmth while providing adequate lighting to your work area.

Storage Wars. We all seemingly have the same unwinnable battle with storage space vs. clutter! We see a flat surface and it immediately becomes a magnet for mail, newspapers, books and magazines. Or, that empty drawer starts out with a specific purpose quickly transitions into the house “junk drawer.” However, for your home work space, consider how the space can best suit your needs. If you plan to do a lot of reading, install shelves along the wall for books. Or if you accumulate a lot of paperwork, invest in a large file cabinet or a cube storage unit with attractive file boxes to keep your paperwork maintained while keeping the area tidy and stylish.

Getting your home work space set up is only the beginning. In our next blog post, we will provide tips on making sure your home work space is inviting and well organized.

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