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Work Space Clarity - Part I

May 5, 2016

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How To Create A DeClutter Strategy

August 30, 2016


Do the piles of clutter in your home overwhelm you? Do you want to have a clean home but you honestly do not know where to start the clean-up process? It is time to create a declutter strategy.


Walk through your home with new eyes. In fact, some organizers recommend that you enter your house, going room by room, and making a list of everything you want to change. Before you start doing anything, take a close look at the list. Which room or space irritates you the most? Prioritize each area you want clean based on this list.


Rather than trying to tackle an entire room, start with one small area. Focus on that one area - whether it is a counter, a dresser drawer or a bookshelf. Completely clear everything from the area and then go through each item, choosing whether to save it, donate or give it away, or throw it away. As you find items you want to keep, put them back until everything is back in its place. When you step back and see the cleared space, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and may feel new energy to move forward.


You may be tempted to start on the next item on the list, but it would be better to wait. Give yourself a couple of days to a week to get used to having the area clean and see how you do keeping the area clutter free. Your goal is to develop the new habit of keeping this one area cleared. When you feel secure in keeping this one area clear, it is time to move to the next priority item on your list.


The next step is to